Artisan Craftmanship

Creating sub-surface laser engraved crystal awards is not just about the technology itself. To truly master this medium, our artisans begin with the finest lead-free crystal available. We purchase large blanks weighing up to 250 pounds. Once the raw blank crystal material is on the factory floor, it must be cut into individual product sized rough blanks. This process happens with a series of artisans cutting the large pieces into smaller and smaller pieces with diamond blade glass cutting equipment.  At the final stages, the glass is polished to achieve the nearly perfect shapes you find throughout our catalog.  Our quality control staff inspects each crystal for any blemishes before advancing to the engraving stage of our manufacturing process.

While crystal blanks are being refined, our staff of graphic artists and 3D modelers are busy creating files and models to meet our customers’ requirements. This requires a precise eye for detail and many years of experience. Since 1999, we have been using this methodology to insure the finished product is up to both GW and our customer standards.

Once blanks and art are ready and customers have approved the product for production we begin the engraving process. Using state-of-the-art German made Cerion SSLE systems, we engrave your art with the finest detail possible.

Following a final quality control inspection crystals are packaged in beautiful gift and presentation packaging and shipped to the desired location.

It's this Artisan Craftsmanship that has kept GW a leader in the industry for 20 years and counting!