Crystal Types & Care

Premium Grade Optical Crystal for Crystal Awards and Promotional Products 

Our Premium Grade Optical Crystal is the finest optical crystal available worldwide!

It is extremely clear and essentially free of dots, marks, or other distortions. It is lead free, pressure hardened, highly durable and very resistant to discoloration from exposure to light.  We strongly recommend this grade of crystal for  high profile Crystal Awards deserving premium attention. 

These characteristics yield a brilliant hand polished shine, a wide variety of beveling style options and an overall amazing pallet for any of our inscription techniques.

Because light can pass through this crystal with minimal distortion, 2D and 3D lasered images appear with striking image detail, clarity and density. In addition, this crystal is specially engineered to exact hardness specifications that allow our lasers to create the highest resolution imaging without excessive internal fractures. These crystal awards will no doubt  stir countless future shared stories of their once in a lifetime honor.  

Colored Crystal 

Our Premium Grade Colored Crystal is also lead free, pressure hardened, highly durable and very resistant to discoloration from exposure to light. It exhibits many of the characteristics of our Optical Crystal but is translucent or opaque instead of transparent. Often Colored Crystal is chosen for Crystal Awards recognizing achievement in highly branded events and corporate image awards.  Branding choices that prefer the preservation of a significant color are well suited to crystal awards manufactured by this unique process.

Available stock colors are Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Pink. Custom colors are available on a case-by-case basis.

All of our Inscription Techniques can be utilized on Colored Crystal with the exception of Sub-Surface 2D/3D Laser Imaging.

Starfire Glass

Our Starfire Glass is lead free and optically clear when viewed from the front although an ever so slight blue tint can be detected at its edges. This crystal type is an economical alternative to optical crystal and is utilized for thinner awards, as it is generally produced at 3/4" thick as opposed to the much thicker optical crystal.

It's hardness and clarity provide an ideal match for our Exterior Engraving, Color-Fill, Color-Bond, and 2D Laser Imaging Inscription Techniques. In particular, 2D Laser Imaged portraitures are exceptional in this medium.

Jade Glass

Jade Glass is also lead free and is the most economically priced material we offer. It is clear when viewed straight on but when viewed from an angle its edges have a visible green tint. Limited to 3/4" thick it is ideal for thinner awards and paperweights inscribed with our Exterior Engraving, Color-Fill and Color-Bond Inscription Techniques

Molded Crystal

Our Molded Crystal products are made with Molten Optical Crystal. This process allows us to make a wide variety of intricately shaped objects that are then hand ground and polished to a brilliant shine.

Molded Crystal will display periodic bubbles, chill marks and waves within the product because of the way in which it is manufactured. In addition, because of the intense polishing required each piece is unique and will vary in size.

Finished Crystal Characteristics

Each type of crystal and glass we offer has its own beautiful characteristics and can sometimes vary in size and shape from piece to piece. In addition, small dots, bubbles, waves and/or other distortion marks may be present in finished products. These are natural characteristics of these materials and are not to be considered defects.

Care of Crystal & Glass

All crystal and glass products are fragile and care should be used when handling them. To clean our products we suggest using a common mild glass cleaner and a clean micro fiber cloth towel, the optionally available GW Cloth Protective Pouch or our Velvet Drawstring Pouch. After your crystal is clean, be sure to polish the surface to a brilliant shine.

Be sure to handle all crystal cautiously to avoid surface scratching or chipping. Rubber feet and protective pouches are available on request to minimize the potential of damage.