How do the images get inside the crystal awards?

We use a state of the art laser system to create the images inside of the crystal. See 2D/3D Laser Imaging for more details.

How do I start a crystal awards project?

It’s best to select a crystal that fits your image well. Go to Selection of Crystal for more details. Then contact your preferred Advertising Specialty Distributor and let them know you'd like to order from GW Crystal, ASI #55609.

How do I order a Photo Crystal?

Our photo crystals are available exclusively through photo gift resellers. Contact us for reseller contact information.

How long does it take to get a custom project completed?

Depending on the complexity and quantity of your order, products usually ship from California within 10 working days from rendering or pre-production sample approval. Larger orders may require extra time. Rush service is available.

What if my artwork has flaws?

Our experienced design team can work with what you have in many cases. After reviewing your art we will let you know if it can be used or not. Extra charges for cleanup or design may be accrued.

What are the minimum orders?

There is no minimum order at GW.  

Can you manufacture products in the USA?

Yes, we have production capabilities in California for crystal awards and other crystal products.

Do I need to pay more for the patented GW Flash drive designs?

Not if you purchase the items from GW or a licensed supplier or distributor. If you have any doubt about whether your supplier/distributor is licensed, contact GW.

Is litigation regarding the 3D Laser Technology an issue?

The original subsurface technology patents have expired, however, GW is actively pursuing intellectual property protection for our products including original designs, as well as certain proprietary engraving technologies. Currently, five of the GW USB/Flash drive designs have granted US patent protection. Other designs are patent pending. GW is enforcing these patents diligently. Nevertheless, we are always open to inquiries regarding licensing of the designs.

Can you personalize your products?

Yes, all of our products can be personalized, not just Crystal Awards. See Inscription Techniques for more details.

Can you make discontinued shapes from other suppliers?

Yes, we can create a wide variety of shapes and sizes if materials and art are available.

How can we resell your Photo Crystal product line?

To learn more about our reseller programs you can email us or register to become a reseller at our reseller website. If you wish to purchase a GW Photo Crystal or Photo Crystal Award please contact us and we will send you contact information for our resellers. GW Crystal does not sell directly to the public.