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GW Crystal is a proud member of several industry and trade communities that offer products and services to a wide variety of businesses, community groups, and individuals that use Crystal Awards and other fine crystal engraved products to promote their business, recognize the contributions and achievements of outstanding individuals, and provide unique gifts to capture important memories.

The Awards and Recognition trade community supplies custom awards for competitive events ranging from a local science fair, to the Olympics and everything in between. Our trade community is represented by several trade organizations including the Awards and Recognition Association (ARA), The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

ARA serves the community through trade shows and a magazine, Recognition Review:

Recognition Review is a comprehensive publication devoted to the awards community and includes insightful information on developing awards and recognition for a variety of organizations. Interested readers are encouraged to join the association to get full access to their comprehensive article archive.

GW Crystal specializes in developing unique 3D designs for sub-surface engraving (Also known as 3D Laser Imaging) that distinguish us from other award designers by transforming 2 dimensional art provided by our customers into unforgettable 3 dimensional high definition images generated by hundreds of thousands of laser dots within fine crystal. We welcome comparisons of our products to other suppliers and have no doubt the superior quality of our work stands on its own.

In addition to the 360 product views of our products provided on this website, several of our awards, trophies and promotional products are also featured as youtube videos. For an illuminating look at the differences between our designs and others in our community, check out these youtube links:

Flame Crystal Award Series:

Elegant Crystal Award Series:

Brilliance Crystal Award Series:

Corner Cut Cube Crystal Awards:

The Promotional Products trade community is a multi-billion dollar industry that develops brand recognition and promotes individual products and a wide variety of other applications through utility products used by consumers or professionals that generate a proven long term and strong brand identity. The industry is served by two major trade groups, the Promotional Products Association International - PPAI, and the Advertising Specialty Institute - ASI.

PPAI publishes the popular magazine Promotional Consultant, available in conjunction with PPAI:

Promotional Consultant provides a depth of useful information for end-users of promotional products and makes its content available to all users online.

ASI publishes the magazine Counselor, which is a comprehensive resource for the trade community and is available to members or by subscription:

For a look at how promotional products are proven to impact business positively, we invite you to take a look at one of our favorite youtube videos on the topic:

Please keep an eye on this page for a variety of tips, tools and information to help you make informed decisions about using Crystal Awards, 3D Crystal Awards, Trophies and/or Crystal Promotional Products within your business or organization.